- A Story About Eggs -

Written by Desamus

One day, after a long day's work, my stamina dropped low and I became very hungry.
But I couldn't find any fruit to eat. I would've dug up some potatoes, but I didn't even have money to buy a weeding hoe...
So out of desperation, I tried catching a hen with my bare hands. Then lo and behold, an egg just dropped from the hen!

-I couldn't believe it!!

I caught other hens and shook them, and eggs fell from them as well. I stuffed my pockets with eggs so I can eat one every time I get hungry.
Wow, this is straight robbery.

-Anyway, since I don't have to worry about stamina anymore, I'll be on my way fighting monsters, soon becoming a great warrior in Erinn!

After striking a baby brown fox 3 times with my fist, I thought I had killed it and let my guard down. The next thing I know, the little guy jumped up and attacked me and I fell flat on my face. I hit the fox again and knocked the sucker out. Then, I reached into my pocket for an egg to recover my stamina.
But....What's this?!?! All the eggs in my pocket were cracked!!

-Oh no! It must've all cracked when I fell!

After that day, I try not to stuff too many eggs in my pocket and watch out for monsters when I do.

I heard that my neighbor Ducubas once found a golden egg... what do I make of that?