- Battle Arena: Aim for a Giant Star -

Written by Trefor

Recently, Alby Dungeon's newly-constructed battle arena has fueled the flames of those seeking to be the strongest warrior in Erinn.
The Battle Arena is a place where people can test their strength and knowledge through battles with one another. However, many are hesitant to participate because they fear losing items when a battle is lost. But there is no reason to worry. In these kinds of battle arenas, you will not drop items even when you're knocked out, nor will there be any effect on your experience.
On the flip side, however, your skill experience will increase even when you use it.
It is truly a place for those who simply want to test their strength and earn bragging rights.

Alby's Battle Arena has a special Death-Match rule. To enter, you need to purchase an Arena Coin from Ranald, the combat instructor at the Tir Chonaill School. (If you're in a hurry, there is a way to buy it directly at the arena.) He sells it in various quantities, so purchase whichever best suits your interest. Once you place the coin on the dungeon's altar, you will be transported to the arena's reception room.

In the reception area, you will encounter Goblin Goro. He speaks the human language because he was raised by his father, who was a human. He says his dream is to become the greatest merchant in Erinn. Once you put 5 coins in the coin slot next to him, you will enter the Arena and receive a star above your head. You can earn and lose stars during battle as well. Goro will exchange your stars back to coins; more stars result in more coins. Each round will last 5 minutes, and if you have 0 stars at the end of a round, you will be kicked out and return to the reception area. If you have 1 or more stars, your Life will be restored and you will automatically advance to the next round.

There is a warning, however! About every 2 hours, an innocent-looking, yet extremely dangerous troll will appear in the dungeon. Please be careful.