- The Holy Water of Lymilark -

Written by Endelyon

Hello everyone. My name is Priestess Endelyon. I work with Monk Meven at the Church in Tir Chonaill.
The church is located above the Tir Chonaill School. If you are having difficulty locating it, please use the Minimap.

One day, Ranald mentioned the fact that people aren't too familiar with the Holy Water of Lymilark, and insisted that I write a book on it. He said that he has experience in publishing books and offered to help me publish it. So I decided to take the opportunity to write a book on the Holy Water of Lymilark.

The Holy Water of Lymilark is a type of holy water made with Lymilark's blessing. If you use it on your weapon, it will be protected from wear and tear, which means you can use the weapon for longer periods of time before it needs repair. Not only that, if you have a Mana Herb along with the Holy Water of Lymilark, you can retrieve scrolls back from enchanted weapons. A weapon dipped in this Holy Water also has a lower chance of failing when being repaired.

There are some people who are saying that the Holy Water of Lymilark is nothing more than plain water drawn from Adellia Stream or Ranald's leftover alcohol. But if you talk to anyone who has experienced the effects of the Holy Water, you will know that these rumors are completely false.

You can get the Holy Water of Lymilark at the Church. Although we would like to give it out for free, it's not possible for us to dispense such a large amount. At the same time, we don't sell it for money either because as priests, we try to avoid the temptation of greed and the love of money. Instead, we give the Holy Water of Lymilark to those who help out with church work. If you are interested in helping with church work, come back when the shadow points directly north and talk to me [Regarding Jobs].

Wondering what kind of help the Church needs? It's nothing too difficult, but simple jobs such as collecting eggs and harvesting wheat and barley. You can collect eggs from hens, but be sure to do it with bare hands. You might crack the eggs if you are holding a weapon or other items.

I've seen people attempting to harvest wheat and barley without any tools, but you'll need the right tool to perform the tasks effectively. You can purchase a sickle from Ferghus. Then, you can harvest the grains and bring it back to me. We are truly grateful that we have an abundant harvest each year due to the clean Adellia Stream and plentiful sunlight.

Those are some of the ways to obtain the Holy Water of Lymilark. The goods that you bring back will be used to run the church.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how to use the Holy Water of Lymilark! If you right-click on Holy Water in your inventory, you'll see the [Use] button. Click on it, and you can apply it to an item that you have. The success rate of the Holy Water is 100%.

If you need to talk to me, I'll be at Church!