- Reshaping Your Body -

written by Manus

Do you dream of having a chiseled body and becoming Mr. Aliech?
Do you want to be slim and yet have all the right curves?
Or do you want to be a little on the chubby and cute side?

In any case, regulating your diet appropriately is just as important as exercise when it comes to transforming your body!
Even changing small things in your diet can dramatically affect your body.
Once you understand the effects of each food item, you must control your intake in order to have the body you want.

1. I want to become Mr. Aliech!

To become Mr. Aliech, you need to develop bulging, ridiculously oversized muscles!
To build muscles, you must consume a lot of protein. Meat builds muscles in your upper body while slimming down your lower body.
If you consistently eat meat, you will become stronger.

2. I want to become Miss Aliech!

A beautiful body is a must! In order to achieve this, you need a balanced diet.
If you eat fruits such as apples and wild berries, your body will become more slender.
Gathering fruits from trees also happens to be a great exercise. How perfect!

3. I Want to Be a Chubby Bunny!

Eat potatoes, cheese, eggs, bread, and meat! Eat it all!
Depending on the food, it will fatten your upper or lower body. Either way, eat a lot, and you'll be pudgy in no time.

Pick and choose the right foods to achieve the body type you desire.
If you love your body and want to transform it, start paying attention to your diet today!

This book has been sponsored by the Dunbarton Restaurant owner, Glenis.