-The Great Camping Companion: Camp Kit-

Written by Genara

Have you been noticing the beautiful colors lighting up the fields of Erinn as of late?
Those colors are actually camps. But putting up a camp requires materials such as dry, sturdy waterproof cloths, and large pieces of wood, not to mention trained individuals to make them cozy and welcoming.

But it seems that many adventurers have no idea about the advantages and disadvantages in putting up a camp. I had to learn the ropes the hard way through my own adventures, but I decided to put all that I know in writing in order to share the lovely and positive aspects about camp construction.

Below is a list of what I consider to be positive aspects of setting up camp.

1. Easy setup.

The basic materials for setting up camp include waterproof materials and wood to be used as corner posts. They say that adventurers long ago had to go to the general store to purchase the waterproof material, then hunt in the woods for the right kind of timber for setting up post. Not to mention, they also had to cut up the firewood themselves.

Nowadays, they have camp kits that help make everything much easier. Anyone who knows how to set up a campfire could put up camp. (Be sure not to confuse this with the campfire kit.)

2. Hard to put out.

First, setting up camp begins with the campfire, then covering the surrounding area with cloth. Because the camp provides plenty of surrounding space and great protection from wind and rain, the fire that is set within the camp does not usually go out very easily. Just make sure that there is enough firewood to keep it burning. Camps are the best for those who cook or need to destroy an object to break an enchantment spell.

3. Quick to recover.

The campfire keeps the body warm, which helps circulation and allows wounds to heal quicker as a result. According to those who've been healed, campfires improve the immune system to deal with wounds naturally. The warmth from the campfire is not lost, as it would be in the open air, but is kept inside the camp so that the warmth is fully retained as opposed to campfires. Therefore, camps are a much more effective means to restoring our energy.

4. Eliminates field hunting penalties.

Unlike in dungeons, you might often find yourself surrounded by enemies out in the hunting fields. This may result in greater fatigue, which means that all you truly gain from defeating an opponent is mere experience points. If you have a camp setup, however, which you use as your base, simply going to and coming out of camp can offer you immediate recovery. If you want to hunt in the fields, set up a camp that will enable you to hunt for a long time without any repercussions.

5. Allows rebirth from within the camp.

If you become incapacitated in the midst of battle, and you're far away from town, you might have a reason to panic. If you're deserted somewhere, it would be even worse. That's why a camp setup is so handy; you would be able to resume your activities right there. Even if no one is around to help you, you won't need to run back and forth to the nearest town anymore.

6. Provides warmth and comfort.

Of all the reasons to set up camp, perhaps none is as good as this.
For an adventurer, living outdoors, getting rained on and getting caught in the winds is just everyday life. But if you could set up a camp to enjoy the warmth of the indoors with your friends, there is nothing that's more worth it! It's an absolute must! You are sure to experience a kind of warmth and coziness you have never experienced before.

As I've discussed earlier, setting up camp requires the basic skill of campfire setup. Therefore, the more skilled you are at setting up campfires, the larger the camps you will be able to put up.
I hope that everyone who reads this book will learn to have an appreciation for setting up camp, and learn to enjoy life in a lovely, carefree way!