- A Campfire Memory -

Author Unknown

For the road-weary travelers
that walk all over Erinn,
the only place that lets them rest
is a small inn in town.
where will they rest
if they are stuck in the
middle of nowhere, where nothing can be seen.

A small flame that starts with 5 firewoods
warms the hardened bodies of those
weary of traveling,
and warms up a small portion of food
to lessen the hunger.
A nice swig of water
while staring out in the sky
serves as a piece of memoir
for those fortunate enough to
witness a series of sparkling stars brightening their lives.

But then again
the moment one sees
the ever-so-bright Eweca and Ladeca
brightening wherever we sit,
a sudden rush of that longing feeling,
longing for home, family,
and that special someone...
it's enough to bring tears to our eyes.
They may try to fall asleep next to the Campfire,
but the bright lights of the campfire
only serves to disturb them.

After a night of tossing and turning,
the sun shines on everyone the next day,
and the moment the bright lights of Palara brightens the ground,
the travelers are left to continue on their journey...
What can they do? It's not just the journey,
but life itself is nothing but a series of solitude to them.

The only way a traveler may
temporary forget this feeling of loneliness
is to meet a fellow traveler
and share their stories with one another.
Whether the accompanying travelers be
two, three, or more,
they'll all share the same feeling of solitude
when darkness arises,
and no one needs to tell anyone else to start the campfire.
Someone will...

When a slice of bread is offered
by a previously-unknown stranger,
that's when a tight-knit bond is formed,
and a camaraderie is built overnight.
Humming along to a song
while gazing up at the stars
may trigger someone to bring out a Lute
and start the music.
The sound of music, along with the bright flame of the campfire,
serves as a welcome attraction to
other travelers also in need of companions.

To these people,
they may be thinking of home at heart,
but their eyes are collectively gazing upon
the burning campfire,
burning away loneliness.

News from back home
may bring a faint smile to
the travelers,
but when the story is followed by
news about the special someone,
the travelers need not say a word.
They just can't.

Even so,
when these songs are sung around the campfire
they warm up the hearts of everyone in the area,
the collection of loneliness, longing for home, and even heartbreak
turns into just a speck
in the minds of the travelers.

If you
or someone else next to you
has an instrument,
with a blank Music Score,
please play the following music.


Chord 1

Oh my love,
please wait for me
until the day I come back.
Oh my love,
please remember me.

I may be here, far away,
but I'm counting the days
'til I return in your arms.
So please tell me
what I heard just now is but a lie.

I want nothing but to hear your voice,
however far you may be.
Let the wind carry out your words
and into my ears.
Just whisper it.
Just whisper my name.

I may be here, far away,
but I'm counting days
'til I return in your arms.
So please tell me
what I heard just now is but a lie.

Even if this reality is
but a broken dream,
if the reality of you and me being together
is lodged in the corner of this dream,
I will wake up from this dream
and go right to you.
Once this campfire dies out
Once this campfire dies out...


Whoever wrote this beautiful song,
may the blessing of Corple be with that person.
And to those who've lost a special someone,
may the blessing of Aton Simini be with them.