- An Unemployed Man’s Memoir of Clothes -

By Desamus

After a never-ending series of part-time jobs and hunting, I was able to gather up enough money to buy a set of beautiful black clothes (that weren't cheap by any means). Everyone in Erinn envied me, and when I sat around a campfire in town square, people lined up to marvel at my clothes. I loved the attention, so I put off those other activities--the part-time job, the hunting--for a while and sat at the Square every day, showing off my clothes and giving advice to beginners, while sharing knowledge with my fellow well-dressed travelers. This was the start of a new life for me.

And then, one day...

-Whoa, what is this? Why is this piece of thread sticking out?

I hurriedly took care of the thread, not thinking much of it, relaxed with my friends at the square, and that's how I spent the next few days until one morning...

- Hey! What's THIS?!

This time I found a hole in my pants. I took it to Nora in front of the Inn and asked her to help restore my clothing, but since I hadn't been doing anything the past few days I didn't have enough money for the services.

- That's okay... It's just a hole. No one will notice it.

I tried to cover the hole by posing a certain way, and resumed my days as a fashion superstar. After one week, however... something terrible happened.

My clothes were so worn out by then that I couldn't tell what color it was, and it had holes everywhere with buttons flying out, zippers not working--it just looked horrible! I had to change back to the beginner clothes, before I went to beg Nora for help once again. Unfortunately, it was the same situation--too pricey, no money! So, what about the clothes now? The entire piece is just laid out at home now, ready to be sewn and patched any minute.

I suppose that's the reason I'm hunting and doing part-time jobs right now. Once it's repaired, I'll get my head straight and live right. Of course, that's until I have enough money to repair it a second time. Then, I don't know!