- A Lute's Innocence -

By Carasek


Someone once said that "Carasek, Canuiks and Karoudouine, are the 3 greatest musicians of our time." Djuharcase, the Senior Music Director of the Royal Orchestra even praised Carasek as the "god of the lute." According to Djuharcase, "Being in the presence of Carasek's playing is as if being hit by a lightning bolt right in the center of your heart. The sound that Carasek creates will throw you into a powerful and intense state of ecstasy."

What people don't know about Carasek is that he is, in fact, an even more gifted lyricist. This book is a collection of the great musician Carasek's beautiful poetry.

This book is a reprinted version of the original, which was first published 22 years ago. Many of Carasek's poems were censored due to Carasek's potion addiction scandal. It wasn't until recently that the censorship was lifted from his works, and that some of his famed lyrical works, such as "A Lute's Innocence" and "Heavenly Creations" were added to the collection.

Parts of his poems were written in magic tongues, but I was able to include complete translations of the entire text with the help of some very talented specialists.

Part 1.

A Lute's Innocence

Your name is unknown to me,
You are a mystery to me,

But the moment I saw you,
I fell into your arms like a baby seal.

Like a blue-finned fish,
I love your protein-filled waist,

My tears fill
the empty glass,

You wouldn't know,
Of course you wouldn't know.

What about the rainy evenings I spend all alone, and
How lonely are the days that I sit here yearning for you?

Cry, cry, my dear, dear lute.

Last month,

It was just last month,
when I sang carefree, free from the worries of the world.
But here I am again,
Faced with more troubles in my head,
The panda that lives in my heart,
is crying, tearing,
koo, koo, koo...

For the purpose of protecting the writer's copyright, only part of the text could be printed here.