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Developer's Thank-you Notes

'Wishing for a subway seat'
Chicken and beer is the only truth in life!

I really wanted to tell you this!

Though I spend most of my salary on food, the maintenance wasn't late because I was eating. T.T

I don't activate my usual stress-eating mode because I get too nervous.

I'm getting a double chin because of my irregular eating schedule...

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'Winged Newbie' who surges with excitement at every company get-together

The memories of hunting a bear at age 10 without any kind of knowledge and the 123-upgrade Longsword that I accidentally dropped as a sacrifice 1 minute before Nao's force-disconnect are still so clear in my mind...

But Mabi is already 7 years-old, and I have an NPC in Erinn!

It's so fresh to be greeting you guys here.

Woohoo! Good to see you! Let's make have a fun time in Mabinogi for more days to come! (Dance1)

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'Red Sun'
who wants the 'Knows When to Wait' title

If you ask me "What do you wish for?" I will reply without hesitation,

"My wish is for no OT."

If you ask me a second time, "What is your next wish?" I will answer again,

"Please let there be no OT."

If you ask me a third time, I will raise my voice and say,

"I wish I could leave the office on time every time every Friday".

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'Mr. Namyangju' who hates the Ant Cave

I can still remember how moved I was after clearing a Generation.

My desire to protect Triona was thicker than the smokestack at Homer Simpson's power plant.

I am constantly running around Dunbarton Channel 1 trying to find the best deal on cheap HP100 potions.

I'll even take those small gems that you don't need...

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'GM Alloreu'
who cannot bear the thought of a world without meat

Diary for May XX, 2013.

I get so dopey at 11pm.

I traveled up hills and down dales to Scathach to restore a player's item. The golem was too strong. I almost died and went to see Nao within 3 seconds T.T

The player said that was the first time he had seen a GM. He said he would post a pretty screenshot of us together on the forums.

Yes!! My boss might even give me a bonus (meat)!!

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Delicious and healthy 'Spaghetti Code'

Thank you for supporting us these last 7 years.

We've come this far because of you.

We know that the only way to repay you is to continue to work hard to provide a more entertaining and pleasant experience.

We hope you continue to enjoy this experience for the next 7 years. Thank you very much.

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'Ms. S' whose office doesn't have a log out button

I don't really know if the logout button has disappeared or if there never was one to begin with. It should reappear after the maintenance, right?

Why is it that we can't Alt-F4 the office? ^.T

I know I can't logout, but I'll pray that all of you can logout of your workplace and login to Mabinogi T.T

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'Mr Kim'
the 29-year-old who ate 1 night snack per day and gained 40 pounds in 1 year

A couple months ago I reached the highest weight of my life and felt threatened that I may never get married.

So I went on a hardcore diet to shed some pounds and hopefully get a girlfriend like Nao...!!

But NOPE...

Why is it that Nao only teaches you about rebirth and not how to get a girlfriend...?

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'Softie Male Mage' the Night Shift Expert

Congrats on Mabinogi's 7th anniversary!

It's been 7 years since I started my life in Erinn.

Without all of you Milletians' support and love, such a happy day would not have come.

We will level up more for the 8th anniversary.

Thank you again for your love and support and for more to come. :)

Be happy, happy Milletians! ^^

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'Dawn Rider' who failed to summon a scooter

The more days I get to work breathing in the early morning breeze.

Thank you for always loving Mabinogi and we look forward to getting more from now on.

Let's work together for a better Mabinogi! ^^

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'Carlos' who only wants Times New Roman, but it's not there

Everyone, I'm dead serious: thank you.

I'm always serious when I make content and listen to your feedback.

I will continue to be serious in making the game more enjoyable for you.

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'Rachel' who envies Nao's figure

I still remember the first day I met Nao.

My thoughts were: She cannot exist in real life! This doesn't make sense!...But I can't help but blame myself.

Oh, Nao, your glamorous figure and cute face AND you don't get old... I'm so jealous!

Whatever the case, my wish is to have a Mabinogi NPC that looks like me. If a Rachel appears, whenever that may be, give her a lot of love!

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'BeerMe AfterWork'
who failed their diet due to night shifts

This letter first started in Tir Chonaill and has given good luck to the recipient in Erinn each year for a total of 7 years. Now this letter will either leave you in four days or you will not have to send 7 letters to those who need luck, so you will get an infinite string of good luck as long as you are in Erinn.

Thank you for the 7 years.

We wish you the very best until I can give you another lucky letter at the 20th anniversary.

We love you.

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the weekend caretaker of their real-life Homestead

Time goes by so fast... 7 years?!

Thanks to all of you showing your unchanging love, Mabinogi is reborn everyday into something new.

On the other hand, you and I are just getting old. Sorry...

We'll work hard to get better for the next years to come.

We will strive to give back all the love you've given us.

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Girl' who lives with two dark-circled raccoon bears

I got close to my once-something-now-husband playing Mabinogi...

What we always used to do in Mabinogi was...

Sit together in front of a single character. As close as possible...(Can you imagine this?)

Why did I do that...? Lololol.

Then or now, Mabinogi is my source of a good time. Please love us forever!

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'Mabi Original Humor Virus (I will try until you laugh)'
the Team Humor Admin

Thank you for being with us as always.

Because of you, we will continue to try our best to make a game that's more fun and more enjoyable.

Please stay with us!

To end this note, I will take care of the humor of the Mabi team.

Be happy!

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'Olivia' the Visual Otaku Train

I first entered the company and inherited Ruairi, and I drew facial hair on him. I was in pain and thinking about how I would leave the company. (Whether I want to or not)

It's so different now, thinking back to those times.

I've never expected to have a page in the history of Mabinogi.

Mabinogi is a project that provides challenging goals and endless stimulation.

"Those with a job to please others must enjoy it first, otherwise it won't deliver" are the words I live by when developing.

It's been so fun and exciting to develop Mabinogi.

Sometimes it may not seem like much, but please continue to play Mabinogi with us.
PS. Believe it or not, but I work very hard on male characters.

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'DoubleVisual' the mother of Shorr in Dunbarton county

It feels like just yesterday that I joined the Mabinogi team, but I spent half of 7 years on Mabinogi.

Thinking back to all the patches we've had, I tear up even though I don't cry a lot.

Many, many developers, including myself, are working hard day and night to make a better Erinn.

Your warm understanding and interest is really worth living for as a developer. We love you, A LOT!
(Big heart)

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'ParkaChan' the Crazy Dancer in Dunbarton Plaza

I am ParkaChan dancing very hard in Dunbarton to give you joy.

I can dance because of all your love and support. (Ack my neck hurts)

Thank you infinitely for loving us! (No, no I'm not crying.)

I will dance crazily hard for your happy Erinn life.

As you have, PWEASE keep up your love for Mabi (Heh)

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'Dunbarton Squirrel' the 7-year Mabi player and 3-year 2nd place cumulative level otaku developer

It's been 3 years since I joined the Mabinogi team and 7 years since I stayed away from food or drinks to play Mabinogi.

It is an otaku's dream to work on what they love, so everyday is a dream for me.

I will work like a cow, keeping the mind of the day I entered this place.

The sleeping room is cozy and the shower room is pretty awesome here.
PS. I want a white winged Languhiris armor too...

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'GM Tierny
' who was in the anniversary Fantasy Party video last year

Who here has seen my GM diary on the webtoon board?

As I wrote in my GM diary, I am still on a diet!

I saw myself for a section in the Anniversary Fantasy Party video and I actually lost a lot of weight since last year!!

I might come out in this year's video too, so look out for me!

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'CountryGirl' who was once a rich Milletian

It was back on 6/12/2013...

The title was 'Sama Sama Hoy Hoy', its content was 'Yaho Yaho Bleep Bleep Bleep!'... This announcement was released.

It was a test announcement when we created the player video board.

I was afraid the team leader was going to scold me...

Then, Tierny's spit got on my leg when she was laughing so hard at it!!

My legs were covered in spit...

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'GM Lir' who wants to live in a starry world

Star Love

Today I check the lost and found again.
Of course a lot of complaints.

I answered so hard using all of my nonexistent charm.
It's concluded they're macros, and I get hurt like I lost an arm.

I only worked on recoveries, losing track of everything.
But look, a five-star rating!

I feel rejuvenated. I feel good coming to work.
I'll find whatever you lose, just give me another five-star rating.

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'GM Teekeh' a single of 7 years

Born on 2008-07-11 and settled in Erinn, I lonesomely play Shadow Missions.

I wanted to go into the 'Provoke' mission with all of you... But I usually log in at the wee hours and no one helps me...
(I wish Provoke mission requirements would change to 1-3 players...)

I will run through Tara and Taillteann until the day I reach a cumulative level of 10,000!

I will play Mabi night and day!!

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'YankeeReaction' the Extreme Player-Lover

I love you.

All you players out there.

Even if the tornado comes, even if it's hailing like PAH ROAROROAROAR... I want to send you my love.

Ah.. 7 years of love for the players...!!

Thank you.

I hope to pay you back with all sincerity!

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'WantMarriagePLS' the Marriage Desirer

Congrats on Mabinogi's 7th Anniversary!

Every year when Mabinogi's birthday comes up, I make a resolution to get married.

Team leader, please let me off work! T_T

I have to get off work to go on dates!

I want to have a cute daughter like Ibbie!!

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'JungJi Winky
' who thinks Merlin will be on a TV show

Mabinogi is already 7 years old.

Mabinogi has lived so long because of your endless love.

We will try our best so you can experience happy and fun things in Mabinogi.


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'Lifenobi' who was raised with warmth

The chef teacher who gave me a training Chef's Hat as a congratulation for making my first Rank 4 food.

The girl who always scolded me, but always revived me in Shadow Missions.

The cool bro who let me use the only pond in his Homestead.

I'm giving back now too. Ahaha.

My sincere gratitude to all those who helped me during my rookie days! __)

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'MrK' who slew a mouse at age 10

'Real Black' robe at the General Shop, a bottle of Holy Water of Lymilark...It feels like yesterday that these items were rare, but Mabinogi is already 7 years-old! It's so bittersweet.

I will work harder and harder until my leather shoes get sweaty, for a happier fantasy life.

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'Veteran BearHunter' who slew bears for 7 years

Mabinogi is already 7 years-old.

I used to run from Sidhe Sneachta to Dunbarton carrying Tarlach and Kristell's love letters (?)...

Even now I get all choked up when I see Nao's "Thank you for coming to this world" message.

Congrats to Mabinogi for their 7th anniversary!

Fantasy Life as always! Always Huge Luck Finish!!:D
PS. Is it just me or do you also want to hunt bears whenever you see them near the town?

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