A Beginner's Guide to Exploration

Quest Board

At the Qilla Base Camp, there is a bulletin board on which you can find a list of quests that are available.
There, you can accept a quest as well as report the completion of a quest and gain Exploration EXP while doing so.
With the increased Exploration EXP, I can improve my exploration level, which then will help me to become a better explorer, which in turn enables me to take on more difficult quests with much greater rewards.
There are a lot of exploration quests available, but in order to complete any artifact discovery quests, you will need to learn how to handle the following two things.
First of all, you will need to learn to Sketch an item that you are asked to report on, and secondly, you will need to know how to use the L-Rod in order to locate hidden artifacts.

Sketching a Found Artifact

As long as you have sketch paper available in your inventory, just about anyone can sketch an image of an artifact or animal that you have discovered.

All you have to do is stand next to the object of your sketch, and click on the sketch paper item in your inventory by right-clicking on your mouse.

You just need to click on 'Use' and you can use the sketch paper by selecting the object of your sketch with the cursor.

That is how you can easily sketch an object.

Using the L-Rod to locate hidden artifacts

You can purchase an L-Rod from a shop at the Qilla Base Camp.
If you arrive near an artifact while holding the L-Rod in both hands, the L-Rod will start to react little by little.
Once the L-Rod starts to react, you should stop and explore the area.

The L-Rod reacts to artifacts with light and sounds. The closer you are to an artifact, the brighter the light, and the more frequent the beeping will sound.

Number of beeps of the L-Rod in relation to Distance to the Artifact

2 soft beeps - You are far from the artifact.
2 slightly louder beeps - You are getting closer.
3 loud beeps - You are close to the artifact.
4 loud beeps - You are very very close to the artifact.

If the L-Rod beeps 4 times very loudly, press the X key to unpetrify the artifact, and click around the ground where you suspect the artifact might be.

As the L-Rod's magic is activated, the artifact will be revealed, as long as it is in fact nearby.
When you discover an artifact, your name will remain there with the artifact.
However, the magic that keeps the artifact hidden will eventually re-activate, and you will see that the artifact will once again be hidden from view.

If you are not able to locate an artifact in one place, you should continue on and look for one in a different area.