- Revelations about the End Days -

As the lands are torn and filled with blood,
And clay walls come tumbling down,
The crescent moon above the graveyards shall begin to fade.

The Golden Dragon of the end days will prepare its wings,
While the stones of fate disappear into the dark.
In the end, the black sun too shall hide its face before the encroaching shadow of darkness.

Between the continents, and especially in the city first smitten,
Shall the once unseen gateway to darkness open its mouth.
Soldiers will be wounded by a force unlike any known blade,
And, in their wrath, they shall curse the name of the Goddess of Light.

The dead shall return and walk amongst the living,
While the eyes of the ill-fortuned twin are opened.
A dark shadow will befall the plagued city,
And the stars in the sky shall collapse onto the earth.

As Tir Na Nog's end days come to pass,
The Goddess of Light shall awaken from her otherworldly dreams,
And return to this world once more.
From that appointed time,
the days of ceaseless battle shall continue forevermore.