- Letters for Ascon -

"They're quite an interesting read. I had no idea that my little project would end up making me so much money. It's just a shame I can't get any more money from Ascon's parents. Still, I have Arranz, so I need not worry about those poor fools anyway."

<1> My son! It's already been 10 years since we lost you. I heard from Videk that you hurt your back. I am sending you 10 White Herb bundles and 10 Bloody Herb bundles to aid you in your recovery. I hope they get you back on your feet soon.
We, along with Videk, are still trying to find a way to bring you back to Port Cobh. If only we had more money.
Videk tells me that we'll need 10 million Gold. Unfortunately, after 10 years of hard work, I've only been able to save about 1 million.
I gave Videk the 1 million Gold last month, and he said he'd do what he could.
Unfortunately, he said later that he hasn't been able to accomplish much with such a small amount.
But don't worry! No matter what it takes, we will never give up on you.
Please remember that your mother, your sister, and I love you very much. Please take care of yourself, my son.
- Alasdair

<2> My lovely Ascon! How are you?
Are you eating well? I heard from Videk that life is a little better after the pirates plundered that large merchant ship.
I'm saddened to think about the poor crew of the ship, but I can't help but feel relieved at the thought of your life improving at all.
Videk told us that he needs 2 million more Gold. Unfortunately, we just don't have that kind of money.

In truth, your father's health has been deteriorating as of late.
Your father hasn't been able to work for a few weeks now, so we barely have any money left. Oh, if only if we were rich, we could have rescued you by now!
I am so sorry that there is so little we can do for you.
I feel like a failure as a mother.

I do have a little good news about Arranz, though.
Your sister may be getting married soon!
A gentleman from Emain Macha named Vigorin met Arranz by chance, and has completely fallen in love with her. He has been courting your sister constantly over the last few days.
I've met him and, though he is a bit older, he seems like an honest man that will make your sister very happy.
I asked Arranz about how she feels, but she doesn't seem to want to talk about it.
If Arranz were to marry him, 2 million Gold should be no problem.
I'm afraid this whole subject has caused some arguments between your father and I, though.
Your father is overly concerned about the age difference, I think.
In my opinion, a few gray hairs is nothing. Vigorin is plenty young and healthy to me.
A few days ago, he went fishing with his servants and caught a 4-foot hairtail long all by himself!
He gave that fish to us as a gift. We had it for dinner, and I think it helped your father's health.

In any case, please don't worry about us too much. In the end, Arranz's marriage is up to her and her alone.
No matter who it's with, I just want Arranz to marry someone nice soon.
Videk says that he has to leave soon, so...
I'll cut my letter short. My lovely Ascon, please take good care of yourself.
- Gwenllian

<3> My brother,
Father has died.
His health kept getting worse and worse, but I was stuck in Emain Macha until after he passed away.
My husband Vigorin is sometimes as kind and warm as Palala, but at other times he is as cold as Ladeca.
For some reason, Vigorin hates Father and Videk so much, he gets upset if I even mention them.

Oh, how long must I live like this?
Now that father has passed away, I have no one that I can depend on.
If you were here, I know you would be there for me, just like that one night.
Vigorin wants me to return to Emain Macha right after father's funeral.
But then who will take care of mother?
Even for the funeral, Vigorin sent a watcher with me, saying they were my bodyguard.
Now that I've seen how much mother has aged in the last few years, I can't bear the thought of leaving her alone again.
Just last night, we spent so many hours just holding each other and crying. Mother really misses you. She said that Father was so worried that he might die before seeing you again.
He begged mother to live long enough to see you.
Seeing Mother's frail hands brings me such pain.
I only wish I could take her back to Emain Macha.
However, she is adamant about staying in Port Cobh until you return.
I was even able to convince Vigorin to allow Mother come to Emain Macha, but she will have none of it. If it wasn't for Alexin, I would just remain in Port Cobh.
I just can't bear the thought of her growing up without her mother.
She would be so lonely in that big mansion, without anyone to take care of her...

I wish you could see her.
She is such a pretty girl. I took her to Tara recently to get her portrait done, so that I can send it to you. It's enclosed with this letter.
I'm also sending 100,000 Gold to you via Videk, so please buy yourself some warm clothes and good food with it.
I wish I could send you more, but it's rather hard to save up money without Vigorin knowing, so this is all I have to send you for now.
And please don't worry about me too much. Vigorin is getting more and more fickle as he ages, but he's really not a bad person.
He is usually very kind to me, as long as the issue of money doesn't come up.
He even bought me a pretty dress recently. It was made by a famous tailor in Tara.
I'm glad to see that Videk is doing well.
He is such a wonderful person for delivering letters to you without any sort of compensation.
I really hope I'll be able to compensate him someday.
Also, don't worry about mother too much. I'll find someone in Port Cobh to take care of her.
I'll continue sending letters to you from Emain Macha. I love you, Brother! One day we will meet again!
- Arranz