Portia's Love Letter

Bassanio, my dearest Bassanio,

Has it really been so long?
Forgive me, but for many years, I have been unable to recall your face, or your voice, or your warm touch.
Please understand, this is all because of the Memory Tower. My love for you burns as brightly as it ever did.
I miss you... I miss you... I simply cannot say it enough! Where are you now? Is your journey not yet over? Could you have already reached the end of your journey...in the arms of another?

Bassanio, oh, my love Bassanio...
Return to me, my darling. I am yours, forever more. My father, he who held us apart, is gone now. I loathe myself for taking any pleasure in my own father's death, but out of this tragedy comes the chance for our own bliss. It must be this way...I cannot stop thinking about you, Bassanio. You have filled my heart, become a part of me. Oh, if only I had left with you! If only I had become yours then! I no longer care what the elves of Filia say...I want to be yours, and yours alone. I miss your smile, your touch, your kiss...
And yet, there are invisible chains holding us apart. My father left a will, and no matter my feelings toward him or you, I cannot ignore his final wishes. He has left me... Oh, Bassanio, he has left a puzzle! A challenge! And I am fated to marry he who solves the riddle! I lie awake at night, cheeks wet with tears, wondering if this is his revenge for my wicked, rebellious ways.

Even if I were to defy his wishes, the elves have sworn to banish me, to leave me wandering the Longa Desert, separated from my memories. I...I would lose you again, Bassanio...
Without you in this world, I would forget about the will, and resign myself to my fate. But as long as you live...as long as there is even the slimmest chance that we can be together, I will fight to overcome my fate. I want to be stronger...wiser...more beautiful, just for you. I want to find a way to fulfill my father's will and bring us together. That way, we can all be at peace, and you and I can share the joys of life for the rest of our days.

Bassanio, my best friend will have brought you this letter. They are kind and trustworthy, so please send me your reply through them. You must hurry! My heart smolders, waiting for even a single word for you, my love.

May this letter find you well, and fill you with even a fraction of the love I hold in my heart for you.

- Portia -

P.S. Bassanio, my dad's will set my dowry at 30,000,000 gold, but don't worry! He left me with a vast fortune, so as long as you can borrow the money, I can pay it back easily. It doesn't matter how you get it or how much we must pay...no sum is too great to keep me from your arms, my darling!