- The Book of Revenge -

Written By Mores

Table of Contents

The First Cry of Revenge

No rules apply to them.
They despise, torment, and ignore those
that aren't like them.
They will give up anything
if it leads to fulfilling their desires.
The Blessing from God they claim
are nothing but self-serving acts.
We despise the humans for this very reason.
Our despise towards them are such that
we do not believe in coexisting with them.
May all humans be cursed for life.


To all Fomors in Erinn and Lohollan,
I urge each and every one of you to pay attention to what I, Mores, have to say, as a human being walking the path of a Fomor, yet being unable to conquer the boundaries presented by the fact that I am a human being.
The words I am about say will have everything to do with the revenge on the humans. Know that this is not just a wishful thinking from one individual, but a creed that all Fomors should follow. Hear my three cries of revenge, in hopes of restoring the order of the world.

The First Cry of Revenge

Humans are the creations of chaos.
They are only too happy to break rules and order in the name of growth and practicality, while devaluing everything that helped them get to where they were, sometimes even denouncing their existence.
They strongly believe their desires supercede nature's beauty and harmony, and even if there's a person among the crowd that practices patience and content, that person will be classified as a failure.
Their definition of wisdom isn't one that can control their desires, but rather the one that can maximize their greed.
They are fully devoted to feeding their desires, and the ones that are the most dedicated to this "craft" will be looked upon with envy. That's just how the humans are.

They also scream change and growth. The irony in all this is that humans themselves may have gone through generations and generations without actually changing one bit.
They loathe to admit their sinister nature, and instead blame it on innocent bystanders. That way, they'll forget about their own inner sinister ways, and in the end, trick themselves into believing that they are the kind, gentle beings worthy of divine blessings.
Humans are full of deceit, hatred, and betrayal, and have the galls to bring harm to fellow creations of God that may stand in their path.
That's human. Don't ever forget that.
It's our duty as the servants of God to forever hate and destroy the humans, in order to restore order in this world.

Fomors, on the other hand, are the creations of order.
Instead of changing the world to fit the needs, the Fomors believe in harmony, balance, and order of the world.
Fomors know the duties they'll have to perform as God's creations, use their God-given abilities wisely, protect the weak, and stand up to the strong.
Fomors never hesitate to sacrifice for the good of the whole, and understand their personal desires are unimportant in the big picture.

Fomors move in groups, showing compassion to those in need, while understanding the difficulties the strong ones face, helping them out when in need.
Fomors only have one thing in mind, to carry on God's desires of peace, unity, and harmony.
Remember the true nature of the Fomors, even if you may have forgotten it along the way.
We are the Fomors,
the ones that never blame God for the society we are put in, even if God may seem to be siding with the humans.

Do you remember Tir Na Nog? It's the holy paradise created by the four gods, and its presence establishes order in Erinn with the divine providence shining through each and everyday.

Alas, the neverending desires of the humans have made them dissatisfied with what the gods have given us. In fact, they proceed to destroy nature and stretch their infinite desires to the holy land of Tir Na Nog.

Do not simply dismiss the human desires to live in the world of gods when they are in fact imperfect. Think about how big of a tragedy it'll be if that happens. Think about how devastating it'll be for the rules and order to be destroyed once and for all in the hands of the humans.


With all the sins these humans commit, how can they even think of making their way towards the land of eternity? And how can we let them go like that?
Tir Na Nog shall not be taken over in the hands of the filthy human beings. Never.
Tir Na Nog will shine the brightest when the Fomors take over the land.
And that is what I wish, as a human being who's decided to fully embrace the life of a Fomor. This is also what the Goddess ultimately wishes.
First, what we need to do is teach these foolish humans, who lust over the holy land of Tir Na Nog as a means to fulfill human desires, a huge lesson in the name of the creators, the Gods. Never forget all the despicable acts these humans did upon each and every one of us. It's up to us now to return the favor to these humans and re-establish harmony and peace in this world. Always remember that Tir Na Nog's holy nature can only be kept intact by destroying the mankind.

To those eager to spread the truth to the fellow creations of God, read my next cry of revenge.

Everytime I see the sign from her,
the only thing I can think of is this uncontrollable rage towards humans.

As time passed, however,
rage is replaced by unbearable sadness in that
I was not able to see my wife and kids.

I'll just have to accept it.
I didn't lose the sign,
I may have wanted to just...lose it.
The only thing I can think of now is revenge.
A Revenge in the name of the Goddess.
I'll need to break out of this boundary of humans
and think about the brothers that really matter, the Fomors.