- The Book of Revenge, Vol. II (translated) -

Written by Mores

Table of Contents

The Second Cry of Revenge

Why can't this
beautiful world be ours?
Why do those wicked humans
have to claim ownership?
Why does God ignore
the treacherous acts of these humans?

I'd rather die in a battle against humans
than kneel down and ask for mercy from them.
I'll be keeping my dignity intact, as a proud creation of God.


Those that are reading the second cry of revenge shall always follow the Goddess of War.
The gods hear our cries of rage and see our effort to bring order to this world, and have bestowed the blessing of the Goddess of War to protect us. The humans are now the only ones entitled to blessings from God.
Do not pin my cry for revenge as a cry from a human being. The life of Mores as a human being has ceased long ago. The life of Mores these days is but a servant of Goddess and a brother of Fomors in hopes of demolishing the human kinds.

Do not dismiss my cry of revenge as futile; rather, hear out the one brother who is willing to serve the goddess, crossing the boundaries of race.
The Second Cry of Revenge

Humans emerged victorious in the Battle of Moitura, but they are in fact ignoring the truth. The truth is that the victory was a glorified name for betrayal and contempt.
Their complete ignorance towards others have reached to the point where they believed it was the truth, that they are the true messengers of God. In humans' eyes, even God's greatest creation, nature, is beneath them.

Even so, nature always works as a supporting cast, always blending in harmony with the surroundings, much like us Fomors. Nature believes coexisting with humans, even as they are continuously destroyed in the hands of humans, is a role bestowed upon them by Gods.

This, unfortunately, only serves to continue the rampage by these humans. We Fomors are here to bring the glory back to nature, and our best way to do so is to open its eyes to the truth. The truth about the sins the humans have committed against the nature with no remorse whatsoever. It is our job to awaken the nature and deliver it from the humans' abuse.

We now know that with the eye-opening scroll, everything from a deer to a strand of grass is starting to see the abuse they've taken, and are despising the humans as a result.
Nature is now aware of the sinister plot of the humans. Instead of being one of nature, the humans split from the nature and committed all the despicable acts in the name of serving God.

Even so, the humans are completely oblivious to this and continues to extract things from nature, foolishly believing in their intelligence.
One day, nature will no longer be so tolerant and will bring wrath to the humans. The day will come...

Nature isn't the only one turning its back on humans. Even the Gods that have provided the humans with divine protection have gradually turned their backs on them.

Even Goddess Morrighan, who's responsible for lending her power to the humans and thus blocked the invitations from us Fomors, have started to understand our values and beliefs, and has helped us in recent times.

This Goddess had turned herself into a statue to protect the path to the humans, but now, she has broken the seal and has let us Fomors walk the path of the humans.

Never forget the support of the Goddess who has opened the doors for us to return to Erinn, the place we shall reclaim. Think about the fact that a staunch advocate of the humans have turned her back on them. That's quite powerful.

This is the time where all of God's creations have turned their backs on the humans, and the Gods are clearing our path for a brighter future. It is now time for the Fomors to clear out the humans. Every single one of them. Once and for all.

These humans won the war they should not have won, and have wielded terror on everything else that stood in their egomaniacal path. They will be brought to swift justice.


Remember the fact that Goddess Morrighan is now on our side. Under her guidance, we will successfully destroy the humans that may stand in our path, and reach the holy land of Tir Na Nog first, opening the gates for us.

Do not live the life engulfed in thoughtless, selfish desires, but rather live the peaceful, harmonious life. That's the life we'll be striving for as we fight these humans.

Goddess Morrighan is now with us. This fight is not strictly for revenge, but for our quest to bring light and order back to this world. Once the order is back in store, we will all prosper and live healthy lives.

To those that are serious about eliminating the humans from this world, read the next volume.