- The Book of Revenge, Vol. III (translated) -

Written by Mores

Table of Contents

Chapter 2 - The Third Cry of Revenge

Now's the time for the world of humans to burn and disappear.
The Gods and nature have all turned their backs on the humans.
To them, the future shall not exist.

Destruction is a prelude to creation.
The first step in creating nirvana
will be that of eliminating all mankind.
Let us all shout his name.
Glas Ghaibhleann!


To all Fomor warriors, the Goddess of Revenge has allowed us to deal a judgement blow to the humans that are incapacitated with greed and lust.

Do not question the Goddess's intention. Do not question my words only because I am a human being. Remember Jabchiel, the one you have followed in spite of the fact that he was a human being.

I now ask you to show me the same level of trust and dedication you have displayed for Jabchiel. I, Mores, will never do anything to betray your trust. I will value my life as a friend of Fomor and spend every second looking for ways to destroy humans in this world. Moreover, I will prove it to each and every one of you.

The Third Cry of Revenge

The Fomors are born as outstanding, powerful beings.
There is no plausible way Fomors should fall behind humans in anything, whether it be individual battles or group battles. How can Fomors be compared to foolish humans who are only concerned with themselves?

Even with this, the two wars that took place in Moitura turned out to be colossal losses for the Fomors.
If this had made you question the true powers of the Fomors, think again. This is only a slight misstep in the overall picture. Believe in your immense powers, Fomors. Under the guidance of Goddess Morrighan, we will emerge victorious where it matters the most, the final battle.

As I have previously mentioned, the humans won last time with betrayal and deceit, not because the Fomors were inferior to them. Humans even crossed the values of God to emerge victorious in the battle, and this has only caused their already-growing ego to skyrocket. It has come to the point where the Gods are now turning their backs on these foolish humans.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have enough power to exact the ultimate revenge on these humans... YET. It will be good to wait until we are strong enough to overthrow them, but we do not have the luxury to wait.

As long as the humans have their sights on Tir Na Nog, the paradise of the Gods, they will inevitably turn the place into just another conquered land governed by human values, and that'll be a tragedy unlike any other. It is our duty to prevent them from taking over Tir Na Nog and restore order in this corrupt world.

So what can we do to combat the greed of humans and destroy their world?
We must dominate them from the very beginning and sweep over their land with ruthless abandon.

Remember the battle on Sen Mag Plains against the humans. Remember the dominating victory we had on them. Humans had no time to react and were swept away by the Fomors. They had to retreat from the Plains, licking their wounds.

That's right. We can do this by reviving the one being that set the human society ablaze, Glas Ghaibhleann. It may be difficult to summon Glas Ghaibhleann, but it's not impossible. I have already figured out a way to do so. It is true the remnants of Glas Ghaibhleann is few and far between, but it's not impossible, given the guidance of the Goddess and our strong desire for revenge.

Also remember that the Goddess has opened the doors to Erinn. We can obtain everything we need in Erinn to summon Glas Ghaibhleann once more.

Prepare yourselves for the journey to summon Glas Ghaibhleann. Right NOW.


Our enemies are now at the point where their egos have reached such heights that they are forgetting who they really are, or what to do. The Goddess of War, who has continuously guided the humans, has blessed us with revenge. And the Nature of Erinn so eager to lend a helping hand to the humans, has now realized how despicable they really are and has ceased cooperating with them.
We may be weakened after the two devastating losses in the war, but we have also found a way to restore order by demolishing Erinn.

Everything we need is now ready, be it the support from the Gods or the lackadaisical state of the humans.
It is the perfect time for us to set the human society ablaze. Remember, the glory of Tir Na Nog shall be in our hands!

Everyone who has decided to restore order in this world of chaos with help from Glas Ghaibhleann shall remember my three cries of revenge. Always.