- The Hero of Mag Tuireadh: Lugh -

Written by Mian


Us humans have lived as the owners of the blessed land of Erinn and have had the fortunes of living out a beautiful legacy.
Of course our history was not always pleasant, as we were tried and tested by natural disasters and faced attacks from vicious Fomors.

Now that we have finally come to be able to protect ourselves and no longer run into Fomors, I have noticed that many people see the threat of Fomors as nothing more than a joke. However, we must not forget the countless lives that were sacrificed, battling against these Fomors, just so that we could live in freedom today.

This book was written with that in mind, and is a book about a great leader who brought victory to mankind during the Mag Tuireadth war. The purpose of this book is to honor and praise his great accomplishments and to illuminate the kind of life that he has enabled us to live.

I pray that the protection of Lugh, the great Knight of Light, will shineupon all those who read this book and revere this great leader.

Lugh Lamhfhata

The Knight of Light, Lugh, fought against the Fomors during the second war of Mag Tuireadth and brought victory to humans.
However, quite surprisingly, there are no written records on his birth or background.
Some say that this is because he did not do anything noteworthy before his heroic act that led to his death, but others attribute this to the fact that many documents were burned and ruined during the first Mag Tuireadth war, estimating that Lugh's records were also lost there.

The earliest confirmed record we have of him is after the first Mag Tuireadth war. It is said that he appeared in Erinn during the reign of King Breath and received great admiration and praise because of his exceptional combat skills and his valor.
This record is also famous for being the first document to contain Lugh's entire name, "Lugh Lamhfhata" in its entirety. Considering his mysterious past that no one seems to know, some people even say that Lugh was sent from heaven by the Goddess of War to save mankind.

Lugh, who was serving as a local military officer during the tyrannical rule of King Breath, caught the attention of Airget-lamh, the wise King Nuadha. He then battled against the Fomors on several occasions, becoming the commander in chief in control of all of Tuatha de Dananns.

When the second war of Mag Tuireadh broke out, Lugh defeated Balor, the Fomor king, and put an end to the long war between humans and Fomors.

Then, what were the factors that allowed him to achieve complete victory during the second war of Mag Tuireadth?

1. He prepared for war in advance.
Not only did he recognize that even the first Mag Tuireadth war was instigated by the Fomors, but he predicted that King Breath, who was dethroned, would soon lead the Fomors and attack humans. Knowing that, after the first war during the time of reconstruction, Lugh continued to train the army.
Some of the royal counselors were not pleased with Lugh's direction and efforts, but if you consider the fact that not too long after, the second Mag Tuireadth war broke out with a full on attack from the Fomors, you can only be astonished at Lugh's observation and preparation.

2. After the war broke out, he handled everything without wavering.
When the second war broke out, many of the King's counselors suggested that we form a treaty by offering gifts and offerings, which even King Nuahda agreed to.
However, Lugh saw that the Fomors did not attack to gain any offering or gifts but rather that it was a strategic move to completely annihilate the human race that had become weakened by the first war and by King Breath's reign. His wisdom was once again proven later by the discovery of the corrupted Sage, Jabchiel's instigation.

3. His efficient tactics and orders according to the situation
Despite Lugh's preparation and training, the human army was significantly inferior to the Fomor army at the time.
Humans were already at a disadvantage if they were to fight with Fomors one-on-one, but with the Fomors completely outnumbering the humans, it would've been difficult to even sustain the fight let alone win it.
However, Lugh overcame this disadvantage by utilizing the landscape and time in his strategy and eventually defeated the Fomors.

4. He united the different races.
The strength of the Fomors during that time was unparalleled in history, and despite the heroics of Nuadha, it seemed impossible to even put a dent in their army.
Also, the corrupted sage Jabchiel began attacking certain regions of Erinn using Eweca's Moon-Rock and the situation for the human race seemed bleak.
However, Lugh was able to persuade the Spirits, Imps, and the Fir Borgs, who fought against the Tuatha de Dananns in a great war, to help fight against the Fomors.
The shiny armor that Lugh wore and his weapon Brionac, were all made with the blessing of the Spirit, and without their help, it would've been impossible to gain victory in the war even with Lugh's preparation and leadership.

Following the war, Lugh, the Knight of Light, succeeded the deceased Nuadha's throne, becoming the leading figure of Tuatha de Denanns and reigning over the Aliech Kingdom.

Though his accomplishments as King after the war is indeed praiseworthy, many people will remember him for being the courageous leader during the time of war. They will always remember his fierce countenance and his shiny armor as a Knight of Light.


They say that after Lugh had accomplished many things as King, he one day handed over the throne and disappeared.
However, he is not far away.
He will forever remain a hero in our hearts as a Knight of Light.
We firmly believe that when Tuatha de Dannans are in danger again, Lugh, the Knight of Ligh, will come again and rescue us.