- Tabhartas, The Guardian of Ancient Wisdom -

Do not forget about the Creator
who has given life to all living things.

The Creator has enlightened us Fomors
with the truth and the existence of
law and order in creation,
urging us to live
as guardians and agents
who carry out his will.

Only when we realize
how joyful it is
to live according to his law and carry out his will,
will our eyes open
to the truth of the universe.

His noble words and knowledge
in and of themselves contain so much wisdom,
perfect and true.

Our ancestors knew
that his truths
were the very reason
for their existence.
They treasured it as more precious than anything,
placing it above else
that no one would dare go against it.

This is what we refer to as
ancient wisdom.

But greedy humans
who did not even know
how to fully utilize
their own knowledge,
sought to overthrow
the precious order of the gods,
ultimately trying to
get their hands on
the ancient wisdom of the gods,
which makes it essentially the beginning and the end of this world.

Those who are
blinded by greed, as humans are,
cannot see the value of the ancient wisdom
even if they are to find it.

Us Fomors will not forget
the chaos that was caused
by their filthy hands filled with greed.
And we will punish those
who dare attempt at taking the ancient wisdom from us.


We will sing songs of thanksgiving
to our ancestors who foresaw
the consequences of what human greed would bring.

Our ancestors
saw through human greed
and placed a guardian
to guard the ancient wisdom
that was given to us by our Creator.p/>

They who were god-sent,
They who represent the will of the gods,
Their name is no other than
the great Tabhartas.

The ancient wisdom, which were hidden from all,
known to no man,
are located in the backside of the gate
where Tabhartas is standing guard.

Those who dare to tamper with the ancient wisdom
must go through Tabhartas
and prove their worth.

However that will be impossible.
Though Tabhartas lays in deep sleep
in front of the ancient wisdom,
If any human dares to
reach out their unworthy hands at the door of wisdom
he will arise from his slumber and punish them.
That is the promise left by our ancestors.

Also, do not forget
the words that our ancestors had left behind.

You should not bother
Tabhartas in his sleep.
If Tabhartas wakes up,
the one who woke him up
will be cursed
for violating the will of the gods.


Humans used
charms veiled in magic,
to make an inferior imitation
of Tabhartas
and gave them the name,

Human greed and desire
to gain the wisdom of the Gods
is their futile efforts
of wanting to become equal with them.

As guardians of
the order of the universe,
we must be alert against human greed.

You can see the extent of their greed
from those who call themselves
the Knight of Light,
how they take the lives
of our innocent brothers and sisters
and plunder
our gold.

Humans, who do not
even know the true value of gold,
The only reason they
continue to seek after it is
because it sells for
an expensive price in their world.

There are even rumors that
this woman named Esras
is gathering all this gold
just so that she can
gain the wisdom of the gods.

Oh ancestors,
May you put a curse
on these vile humans
for their audacity and foolishness of
trying to imitate and be like the gods.


Every rumor
must have some truth to it.
This rumor came about
at the same time
Golem activity resumed in Ceo Island.

Golems from Ceo Island
were used by humans
to fight against us Fomors in the past
during the battle of the Sen Mag prairies.

After the battle was over
humans gathered their shameful creations
and exiled them
to this place.

But humans have
once again resurrected
these imitations of Tabhartas
to scheme against us.

At this point
we cannot put down our guard.

This is definitely
an attempt to use their imitation
to get near the original.
They must have become interested in
Tabhartas once more.

The report that
claims they discovered an item
that seems to belong to Tabhartas
supports this theory.

We must pay very close attention
to those who are seeking for Tabhartas.
Their true intentions do not lie
in trying to find Tabhartas.

They simply want
the ancient wisdom
that Tabhartas is guarding,
They want to find
the hidden world
that is prohibited to humans.

Descendents of Fomors
reading this book.
Brothers and sisters who share the ideals of Fomors.
Be on the look out for suspicious human activity.

Think about all the evil
that humans have caused
with their selfish ways.
Who knows what will happen
if the ancient wisdom,
which humans are not even ready to handle,
goes into their hands.
Imagine what disaster that could bring.

And... this disaster
will not only
affect the human race.

The day may come when we hear
the cry of Tabhartas from the underworld...
We Fomors cannot
let that day come.