- I Hate Cuteness -

By Desamus

Sometimes I wonder, do animals talk, too?
If those cries from cats actually mean something, what are they trying to say?

"What kind of a person gives cats a salted fish? Are you taking care of me or what?"
"Hey! Get your hands off me!"
"Some cats get to live in luxurious castles... What am I doing here?"

If cats were to keep lamenting about their environment like this 24/7, no one would ever see them as adorable creatures.

The truth is, I can't stand anything that is "cute".

I can't really pinpoint what it means to be cute, but I do know what's NOT cute. I at least have the emotional capacity to agree with the consensus when they think something is cute. But I still hate cute things.

Whenever I see a kitty going around meowing, I can't help but feel the cuteness radiating from its body into the area. Seriously, they are beyond adorable. Imagine babies cradling in your arms, smiling.
It's easy to attach the word "cute" to anything these days, and the word "cute" has become vogue in our society. We have reached the point where people are called cute regardless of gender. A muscular alpha-male swinging around a massive sword doesn't elicit the excitement that a pale, weak, but good-looking man can with his smile. (It's okay, Ferghus!)
I know that surveys like this tend to be heavily biased, but there's always that main group of consumers that'll always be around... that's why it's inevitable that a minor circumstance such as this can turn into a full-fledged movement. And that's why I'm afraid of joining in the trends of the cultural mainstream. The simple concept that 'consumption breeds production' can feel really overwhelming at times. Everyone rushes to sell something to each other, and over time, the 'new' thing this turns into the status quo, and if you don't follow the "status quo", you end up feeling as if you've done something wrong. The Pro's will be emphasized, while the Con's will be tucked away for no one to see. I mean, if it's a trend, then the ones that are selling the trendy product should just sell, and that should be it.

But now, I'm worried that the point is lost even from the viewpoint of the producers. Even the cutest pet poops from time to time.
When babies don't stop crying, that sets me off a bit. Just because a person's cute doesn't mean the same person can't spit out curse words and fight.

Honestly, I don't HATE "cuteness" per se. I just fear that I may end up as one of many to just sheepishly concede to all the hype toward "cuteness" in general.

Even as I'm saying all this, I know that the current trend will continue to favor cuteness. I just feel that the ones in the culture's mainstream must learn to take responsibility for the fact that they are the mainstream. That's why I disagree. I just want to disagree first, and then think later. Even if I feel that I am a responsible human being, I'll disagree first, and then think. This is my way of maintaining some integrity.

Seriously, there should be at least one or two people like me.