- Hit Your Way to Fortune-

Written by Llew

If you've ever been to Tir Chonaill Square, you've seen all the shops and buildings: the Market, the General Shop, the Bank, the Chief's House, etc...If you use the Mini Map, you can easily locate these places. (If you don't see the map, press [M])

Pay careful attention to the things around town like the street lights and trees.
You'll often see people busily hitting things. You will also see small items that are on the ground. What's going on?
You can get things like small marbles, green/blue/red marbles, nails and gold by hitting street lights. You can also get tree branches and berries if you hit a tree.

So how do you use these items you ask? Well, of course you can eat the fruit, but what about everything else?
Have you gone to see Caitin at the market, or Nora, who works at her uncle's Inn? When you talk to certain people in town, you can [Trade] with them. After the Trade window opens, click on the [Quest] tab, and you will also be able to purchase a variety of quest scrolls.

Quest scrolls contain things the villagers need help with. Some of these quests will ask you to bring some of the items I've mentioned earlier. Although it might seem unprofitable to pay for a quest scroll, you will see that once you accomplish the quest, you will receive a fine reward. Plus, how hard could it be to collect 5 to 10 marbles or nails?

Open the Quest window by pressing [Q] and you'll see the status of all your quests. Each NPC carry different scrolls so make sure you go talk to them. To save time, talk to Ranald, who stands at the school lawn, and you will be able to get quest scrolls that require you to collect nails, branches and berries.

If you get tired of hitting things, remember you can eat some of the berries that you are collecting. You can get berries by hitting any tree. Of course you can purchase food from the market in either Tir Chonaill or Dunbarton, but why do that when you can get free food from trees? All you need is your bare hands!
Remember that hitting trees costs nothing. Only your bare hands! Of course it's free!

Once again, hit anything and everything you see! Don't' worry, you won't damage anything here in Erinn.
So roll up your sleeves, clinch your fist tight and hit away! Who knows what kind of reward you'll find?