- Hunting Guide -

written by Luan

With big dreams of becoming an adventurer, I headed out with a wooden stick! The field in Tir Chonaill was full of foxes and wolves. Nice, let's test my skills! I began fighting Grey Wolves, just as Deian had asked, and I saw some red letters in mid air...

Expedition Bonus 300% +38.25 exp(Camping Penalty 15% applied)

What's that?
What's Expedition Bonus, and Camping Penalty? Curious, I went to Ranald and asked him. Ranald gave me a brief explanation. Then he said that I needed to learn these on my own and threw me out to the field!

...So, this is my own method of hunting in the field that I've learned through experience. It is my hope that those who join this journey after me won't have to learn everything first-hand, the way I did! Anyway, enjoy~ .

1. What is an Expedition Bonus?

Expedition Bonus is basically a 'how brave of you to come so far from town and hunt monsters' bonus. Usually, if you hunt outside of town you'll receive 300%, and 400% if you go further out. Even monsters with the same EXP will give you different EXP depending on the Expedition bonus. You might as well hunt further away from town.

2. What is a Camping Penalty?

Camping Penalty is basically a 'how lazy of you to hunt in one area' penalty. If you stay in one spot all day and hunt, you will receive this penalty. The penalty increases in increments of 5%, but it varies as well. For example, if you don't even move a single step, the penalty can increase 10%!

3. Find the Monster's Location!

The solution is simple! Go as far away as you could from town, while moving around, and hunt. There's only one problem...monsters are usually grouped in one area together!

The primary examples are the Wolves Field in the south side of Tir Chonaill and the Grey Rat Field in the southern region of Dunbarton. These places are good because it is close from town and has a lot of monsters, but you can stack up penalties. So, as you see, you'll have to find your own spot where you can move around but where you can still find enough monsters.

4. Then, Where?

The most popular regions are the areas between Ciar dungeon to the Eastern Wolves Field of Tir Chonaill, Twister Hill on the south eastern side of Dugald Aisle, and the Reighinalt camping grounds on the outskirts of Bangor.

These places are pretty far off from town, and the monsters are scattered throughout a large region. If you roam around these regions, you will be able to hunt without getting penalized. Remember, though, that since there won't be as many people around, there might not be anyone nearby to help you if you get in trouble.

5. The Choice is Yours!

The good thing about hunting in the field is that you can do it with others. Even if someone gets knocked out by a wolf, others will come and save them with a Phoenix Feather...and you can develop intimate relationships!

Since the best places for hunting are risky at the same time, there are those who choose to hunt close to town regardless of the penalty. Some form parties, so that even if they are far away from town, other members will be able to locate them and help them. Also, you can buy party quests from Eavan in Dunbarton's City Hall or Duncan and challenge yourself.

The once famous Bear Grounds in the southern region of Dunbarton is no more since the Seal Stone that leads to Gairech was broken. However, the hunting grounds still remain.

Rather than being stuck in a dark dungeon all day with monsters, why not join others and go hunting out in the field?

The choice is yours, adventurer!