- Legend of the Giant Bird -

By An Anonymous Explorer

Legend of the Giant Bird
A giant bird that used to torment the citizens of a town, was apparently once sealed by a brave warrior.
Time passed, and as the seal started to weaken, there started to appear a blue mark every night in the Wall-Trapped Bird artifact.
When the seal is completely undone, and the strange bird is resurrected to life, the world may find itself in great suffering.

Artifact of the Sealed Bird in the Wall
One night, while I was wandering through the desert, lost, I saw a light from far away, that seemed to be pulling me toward it.
So beautiful was this light, I felt as if the stars in the sky every night would lose their glow over how beautiful this light looked to me. Anyway, I followed the light and found myself staring at this strange artifact before me.
There was a bird engraving on the wall, with its face and legs... so real,

that it looked as if it would jump right out of the wall.

The blue mark on the artifact, which was the light that was glowing throughout the desert during the night, stopped glowing and turned back into a regular wall upon daybreak.