- My Fluffy Life with Wool -

Written by Olier

This book contains general information you should know for sheep shearing, such as people who need wool, necessary tools, tips on gathering wool, how to efficiently transport wool, and various other things that could benefit you.

The majority of people who need wool are those that need to make thick threads.
There are also people like Deian, the shepherd boy, and Manus, the healer, who also need wool.

The first thing you need to do before shearing sheep is to clear out your Inventory. Last time when I shearing sheep, I was only able to take 3 bundles because my Inventory was full. Going back and forth to deliver the rest was very inefficient and took a lot of time. Since one bundle of wool takes up 4 slots (2x2), make sure you have plenty of space in your Inventory.

The second most important you need is to have two gathering knives (one spare). Although, there are people with a lot of money who can afford a sharper, more expensive tool, that's out of the question for someone like me.

After you have those two things ready, it's important to find good, healthy sheep. Ideally, you want to find a flock of 4-5 with no one around, but that won't be easy. Most likely, you will have to share the sheep with others, so make friends and have a good time together while you're at it.

When I was young, because I didn't know sheep shearing techniques, I failed many times. Over the years, however, I have mastered the skill and consider myself one of the best sheep shearers out there. I will now share with you my technique. Well, it's nothing mind blowing, but it will help you in the future. First, don't try to shear just any sheep, but look around for the ones that just stopped moving. This is because you can't have a sheep move while you are shearing it. Also, try to avoid the sheep that others have sheared. This is because, first, it's not good to abuse the sheep, and secondly, you probably won't get anything from it.

Also, since you lose some stamina while you are shearing, it's not a bad idea to take some stamina potions with you. It will cost you a little bit of money, but you'll make it back with all the wool you will gather.
Well, that's about it...looks like you're all set to go!