- The Mystery of Karu Forest -

By Medarr

One day, during Imbolic, a young boy named Savan decided that he wanted to explore through Karu Forest. He knew that this region, unlike other parts of Rano, was thick with Tikka trees which cannot be found anywhere, even in Uladh.

Savan's heart started racing when he discovered the unfamiliar stacked pillar. On the surface of the stacked stone pillar were smoothe carvings of mystical designs.

The boy had arrived in Karu Forest all by himself, by foot. The desert's weather was completely clear and the skies were light and sandy, but he did not run into a single person while out in the desert.

The boy's home was near Port Ceann, far across the Moyer ocean. He had grown up by the harbor all his life, which gave him extensive knowledge of legends and superstitious stories about the ocean which were passed on from person to person around the harbor. Amongst such stories, were stories of some strange land across the ocean somewhere, where no man lives.

There were plenty of desert islands near Port Ceann where no people lived, but an entire continent without any inhabitants was an unfathomable image. The boy started to wonder what it would be like to have everyone that is living on Uladh to suddenly disappear one day.

It was a foreign concept and it elicited great fear.

In recent years, a sea route which connects Iria and Uladh was dramatically discovered, and as soon as the news reached the boy, he went out to purchase a ship boarding pass. By the time the boy had arrived at Port Qilla, a Base Camp was already in the making in the area. And it only took another couple of months before Savan eventually reached Karu Forest.

When the boy arrived at Karu Forest, it did not feel like a foreign place to him, strangely enough. The engravings that he'd discovered on the stacked stone pillars too seemed to elicit a strange nostalgia instead. Then, he opened up his pouch made of manila hemp and took out the small pendant.

The lead-colored pendant that hung on a thin chain had a familiar-looking mark engraved on it. And strangely enough, the mark on the pendant matched the ancient carving left on the stacked pillar, an ancient artifact.