- String Instruments: Hand-Made Melody

By Loeiz


After releasing Wind Instruments: Melodies of the Soul, I've received many letters from lovers of music asking me to publish a book about other instruments. I apologize if this has caused trouble to musicians of other instruments. This time, I've decided to try writing about string instruments.

String instruments are instruments that make sounds through the vibrations of the strings.

String instruments, which are played by plucking the strings, have been loved by the people for generations. Currently, there are some specialists who are studying a new type of instrument that is made by rubbing a bow against the string. In the music community, there is much anticipation over the new kinds of tones such an instrument might produce.

String instruments are greatly affected by humidity and temperature, because they are made from wood. If kept in an area that is either too humid or too dry, the instrument will become damaged, and it will lose its ability to play music. A string instrument must be kept with great care and also must be constantly played, because if it is not used for a long time, its sound will eventually die out.

The bards will tell you that they use string instruments more than any other kind. This is because the string instrument has a wide range of sound, and it can also express delicate nuances and subtle changes in tone.

The following are some common string instruments.

This is a string instrument with a balanced tone, and is widely used for solo, accompaniment, and ensemble music. It is also a generic term to refer to all the string instruments that have strings which are parallel to the board, and connected up to the neck of the instrument.

The sound of a mandolin is very clean yet melancholy. It is very effective at depicting dramatic feelings by playing the same note in a tremolo with fast movements of the bow.

This is an instrument that has a clean and cheerful sound. The harmonies created by the irregular tunes of the different strings are very unique. This instrument is widely used by bards because it is easy to carry, when compared to the lute and mandolin.