- A Study on Field Boss -
Field Bosses
Who are they, and where are hey from?

By Keith

Table of Contents

1. What's a Field Boss?
2. What's a Fomor Instructions?
3. Where are they coming from?
4. Types of Field Boss
5. The Way to Fight the Field Boss

Recently, a bad vibe has been going around Erinn. The normally peaceful animals have turned violent due to Fomor Scrolls, and the previously-forgotten Fomors have been popping up here and there, expanding their powers.

Amidst the unrest, recently a group of powerful Fomors, called Field Bosses have popped up in places, calling out all travelers.

Who are they? And what's the Fomor Instructions that displays where they will arrive at what time?

This book will attempt to answer these questions.

1. What's a Field Boss?

From what we know, the only way we'll face boss-leveled monsters is to venture into the Boss Room of the dungeon. Recently, however, a group of powerful monsters have been known to appear in regular fields. Since they are as powerful as those Boss monsters in the dungeons, they are called Field Bosses.

2. What's are Fomor Instructions?

Along with Field Bosses, Fomor Instructions have recently appeared in town. Recently, hunting monsters in the field will occasionally yield a scroll of Fomor Instructions. Surprisingly enough, the Instructions directs a Field Boss to attack a certain place at a certain time. This confirms the fact that these Field Bosses are instructed by someone, or something. Since the ones that discover these Instructions announce it to others, that also signifies the fact that the Field Bosses have popped up more often these days.

3. Where are they coming from?

From what we know, the consensus is that the Fomors are from dungeons. The basis for this answer is that a majority of Fomor monsters are found in the dungeon, but that's not the only reason scholars believe that.

The dungeons in Erinn work in such a way that when someone drops an item on the altar as a sacrifice, that person will be sent to an unknown place to explore. That means that there are numerous "unknown places" in the dungeon, but if you think the opposite, you can come up with a chilling theory. When we say it's an unknown place, is the Goddess Statue the one leading us to the unknown? Or does the problem lie in the items we sacrifice?
The biggest problem here would be as to what we would if it's not in Erinn? What if it's the place where the Fomors live, RIGHT in this world with us?

Since no one has found a definitive evidence to the contrary, this will remain only in theory. But these aspects of the theory is also the reason why most scholars can't let it go, despite the lack of evidence.

4. Types of Field Boss

So far, it's been reported that there are 9 types of Field Bosses. The Troll, Ogre, Giant White Spider, Giant Bear, Goblin Bandit, Black Raccoon, Giant Black Wolf,

Black Warrior, and Black Wizard.
They usually don't go alone; they are accompanied by weaker monsters, and if they are animals, you'll usually see them in a much bigger form than usual.

5. The Way to Fight the Field Boss

These field monsters usually cannot be handled alone. This is the very reason why the ones that hold the Fomor Instructions report to the masses. Unless a number of travelers collectively fight the monster, one will find himself knocked out in the middle of the field, waiting for a hand. Field Bosses are considered boss monsters, so defeating the monster will yield great rewards. So if a Field Boss is found, don't get too selfish and try to be a hero all at once. Seek help, maybe party up, and try defeating the monster in a collective manner, as a group.

Recently there have been a number of scholars holding Fomor Instructions in hopes of discovering the truth. A scholar also suggested that the appearances of the Field Bosses may have something to do with Eweca, so the debates will continue for a forseeable future.
To every scholar and traveler reading this book, please collect as much information as possible, and share it with everyone so we can all get a better understanding of Field Bosses, and furthermore, the Fomors.