- Your Pet -

By Gobrian

Table of Contents

1. Summary
2. Pet Characteristics
3. Summon & Interface
4. Command list
5. Special Pets


Press T to open up the Pet Window, and select the pet to summon.
(You can enter "Summon (pet name)!" as the command to summon the pet immediately)

Once the pet is summoned, enter commands listed below.

- Bag! / Inventory! / Inv! : Show the inventory.
- Firstattack! / Support! / Collabo! : Rotate battle mode.
- Smash! / Defense! / Counter! : Use the skills you have.
- Heal! / Firebolt! / Lightning! / Icebolt! : Use spells.

Lastly, press T again to open the pet window, and cancel the summoning.
(You can also use the command "Go back!" to cancel the summoning)

If the summoned pet is roaming around to the point where you're having a hard time controlling it, use the commands below.

- Sit! / Stand! / Stop! / Dance!

Your pet will always obey your command.

Now go ahead and spend some quality time with your lovely pet!

Pet Characteristics

Just like humans, the pets age at noon on Samhain.
Bonus stats will be given out depending on the age, and after reaching a certain age, the pet can also be reborn.

Pets will automatically acquire skills and rank up as their levels increase.
They cannot converse with the NPCs, and also can't trade with regular characters.
Pets cannot equip items. Pets that are summoned by their masters can't consume food or potions by themselves, so the masters will have to feed them directly.

If the character spends a set amount of time with the pet after summoning the pet, the character will receive a companion bonus.

Summon & Interface

1) Summon/send back the pet (hotkey: T)

Check the remaining time for all the pets you own.

* Summon
Select the pet and click on [summon] to summon the pet.

* Send Back
After summoning the pet, the button [Send Back] will appear.
Until the summoned pet has been sent back, another pet cannot be summoned.
Press [Send Back] to un-summon the pet.

2) Pet interface

Right-click on the pet to see the following menus.

* Condition
- See the condition of the pet.
* Feed
- Feed the pet.
* Revive
- If the character is unconscious, and the pet has the [First Aid Kit for Pets], then the character may request to be revived.
* Inventory
- See the inventory of the pet.
* Skill
- See the skill window of the pet.

* Behavior Setting
- Set up the AI of the animal character.
* Send Back
- Cancel the summoning of the pet.

Command List

* Enter the red commands listed below, and the pet will follow the command.

1) Summon/Send Back the Pet
Summon (pet name)!
- Summon the pet (etc. Summon Kasper!)
Go_Back! / Disappear! / Return!
- Cancel summoning of the pet

2) Pet Action Commands
Sit! / Rest! / Sitdown! / down!
- Order the pet to rest.
Standup! / Stand! / Stand_up!
- Order the pet to cancel rest.
Come! / Call! / Here!
- Order the pet to move to where you are.
Play! / Tricks! / Cute! / Love!
- Order the pet to act cute.

3) Skill Command During the Battle
- Use Smash
Defense! / def!
- Use Defense
Counter! / ct!
- Use Counterattack
Healing! / Heal! / HL!
- Use Healing
Firstaid! / First_Aid! / Mend!
- Use First Aid
Fire! / Firebolt! / FB!
- Use Firebolt
Lightning! / Lightning_Bolt! / LB!
- Use Lightning Bolt
Ice! / Icebolt! / IB!
- Use Ice Bolt

4) Toggle Pet Mode
Firstattack! / battle_mode! / aggro! / fa! / hit_first!
- First Attack: Attack first when seeing an enemy
Healing_mode! / Support!
- Recovery: Use Healing on the master
Collabo! / Team! / default_mode!
- Double Attack: Attack the same target with the master

5) Other commands
Bag! / Inv! / Inventory!
- Open the pet inventory
Phoenix! / Revive! / Helpme! / phx!
- The pet revives the unconscious owner

Special Pets

* Flying Pets
- Types: Crow, Falcon, Bluebird
- Desc: These pets follow around their master by flying.
Yell out "Fetch!" or "Grab!," and the pet will bring various items.

* Paladin-transforming Pets
- Types: Borzoi, Greyhound, Siberian Husky
- Desc: When the master turns into Paladin, so does the pet.

* Dark Knight-transforming Pets
- Types: Siamese, Bengal, Bombay
- Desc: When the master turns into Paladin, so does the pet.

* Dancing Pets
- Types: Albino King Snake, Mini Bear
- Desc: These pets will dance along to a song that's played nearby.
Yell out "Dance! Twist! Shake!," and the pets will dance regardless of the music.

* Smart Pets
- Types: Border Collie, Samoyed, Miniature Pinscher
- Desc: Yell out "Fetch!," and these pets will pick up the items from the ground.
Yell out "Box!" at the dungeon, and the pet will separate the box from the mimics.

* Collecting Pets
- Types: Sheep, Cow, Spider, Herb Pig
- Desc: These pets will gather up items for the master.

* Crab Pets
- Types: Red Rock Crab, Black Mud Crab
- Desc: These pets will blow bubbles at their master's commamnd.
Yell out "Bubble [name]!," and the Crab will blow a bubble that surrounds the named target. For the master and allies, the bubble lifts them into the air. For enemies, the bubble traps them until it is attacked or breaks.

* Elephant Pets
- Types: White Elephant, Blue Elephant
- Desc: These pets will sprinkle water at their master's commamnd.
Yell out "Sprinkle!" to have the Elephant shoot water into the air or onto its master or allies, granting bonuses. During battle, the spray can knock back enemies.

* Halloween Pets
- Types: Skeleton Pet, Trick Pumpkin, Treat Pumpkin, Little Ghost
- Desc: In the spirit of Halloween, these pets can use their creepy abilities to aid their master.
Yell out "Fakeit!" or "Pretend!" and the Skeleton will crumble to the ground, mimicking death.
Yell out "Teleport!" to have the Little Ghost teleport its master to its location.

* Ground Mounts
- Types: Horses, Ostriches, Sled Dogs, Black Cotton Ostrich
- Desc: These pets allow their masters to ride on their backs and move at an increased speed.
Yell out "Charge!" and the Black Cotton Ostrich will put on a burst of speed for a short time.

* Flying Mounts
- Types: Pelican, Eagle, Thunderbird, Griffin, Flying Star, Oak Magic Broom, Straw Magic Broom
- Desc: These pets allow their masters to ride on their backs as they fly into the sky in Iria.
Yell out "Sweep!" and the Pet Brooms will begin tidying the area, perhaps uncovering a hidden item.

* Fighting Mounts
- Types: Bengal Tiger, Snow Tiger
- Desc: These pets not only allow their masters to ride on their backs, but can fight while carrying their masters.

* Magic Pets
- Types: Jungle Scout Imp, Lava Walker Imp
- Desc: These pets will use their magical abilities to aid their master in battle.
Yell out "Naturalshield!" or "Natural_Shield!" for a barrier against ranged physical attacks, "Iceshield!" or "Ice_Shield!" for a barrier against ice magic, "Fireshield!" or "Fire_Shield!" for a barrier against fire magic, or "Lightningshield!" or "Lightning_Shield!" for a barrier against lightning magic.

* Morphing Pets
- Types: Hamster, Persian, Black Wolf
- Desc: These pets will morph into a humanoid form under certain circumstances.
Yell out "Windmill!," "windmill!," or "wm!" and your pet will perform the Windmill skill.

* Combining Pets
- Types: Yellow Sprite, Lime Sprite, Rainbow Sprite
- Desc: These pets can combine with their master, granting the use of their wings and other wondrous bonuses.
Press the R key to combine with your Sprite.