Glewyas's Mythril Chef Recipe Book
Recipe Book of Glewyas

Written By: Glewyas

Table of Contents

1. Tooty Fruity- Fruit Juice
2. Hey, Egghead!- Fried Egg
3. SpongeCake SquareFluff- Sponge Cake
4. Lettuce, and Tomatoes, and Cheese, Oh My!- Salad
5. What Happens in the Sea, Stays in the Sea- Seafood Fried Rice
6. It's All Gravy!- Herb Garlic Steak
7. Yummy in My Tummy- Chicken Gratin
8. Makes Me Go, Om Nom Nom Nom- Caviar Canape
9. Oh My Love, Arzhela!- Hotcake of Love