- Experiencing the Miracle of Resurrection with 100 Gold -

Written by Dilys

Hello? I'm Dilys, the healer, from Tir Chonaill.
There are times while you are hunting in the field or the dungeon, and you get knocked out from an enemy's attack. They usually call this being 'Dead' or 'Lying Down'

Well, have you ever seen a knocked out person mysteriously resurrect? You probably saw a person next to them holding out their arm towards the person on the ground. The next thing you know, the person is miraculously resurrected, walking away as if nothing happened.
If you have a [Phoenix Feather], anyone can instantly resurrect a 'Dead' person. The Phoenix feather is an item that has the power to raise a person who has been knocked out, and you can use it instantly by pressing [Ctrl+J]. You can buy it from me in Tir Chonaill, or from Manus in Dunbarton. They sell them for 500 gold for 5...is it too expensive? Heh...

These days, many people seem to have the Feather. The thought of someone who is knocked out, waiting for someone's help, and finally giving up to resurrect all the way back at the village makes me sad.

So, why not go buy a Phoenix's Feather right now and head out to the hunting ground? Do a random act of kindness, and look for anyone who might be knocked out, waiting for someone's help. It might help you in the long run, when you find yourself in the same situation.

Oh! I forgot to mention something.
When you resurrect a person using the Phoenix's Feather, your EXP will go up a little as a small bonus. Also, although it's not much, it's common courtesy to thank the person who saved your life.

I hope after reading this book, you will begin to spread kindness around, and that it will spread all throughout Erinn.