- Traveler's Guide -

This guide book will help you learn to play Mabinogi.

You can navigate the book with the arrow buttons at the top or by clicking on the page. You also click on underlined words to jump to a section.


...Where am I?

Basic Controls
...How do I move?

...How do I grow my character?

...How do I chat?

Earning Money
...How do I earn money?


Welcome to the world of Mabinogi.
Your new home is the fantasy world of Erinn.

Mabinogi refers to stories and ballads sung by bards, passed through the generations into legend. Now, these stories will be filled with your adventures.
The adventures you go on, the stories you create, even the life your character lives... These are all entirely up to you.

Love and nurture your character as you live vicariously through them in Erinn. Explore all the possibilities of your imagination.

May Aton Cimeni bless you on this journey...

Basic Controls

Left-click on the location you want to move to. If you hold down the left mouse button, your character will continue to move towards the cursor. To walk slowly, hold the [Shift] button when you click.

Viewing Angle
In 3D games, it is sometimes difficult to manage the viewing angle. In Mabinogi, however, you can easily control your viewing angle. You can change your viewing angle by using the right mouse button and your mouse wheel. Try holding the right mouse button, and moving the mouse while holding the button. Next, try rolling the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

The default view angle will always point north, but you can control it yourself if you assign a key to the Manual POV function in the Hotkey Settings window. However, having the automatic setting turned on may make it easier to find places using the map.

At the bottom of your screen, you can click on the various menu buttons to open basic menus.
To close the menus, simply click on the menu button again.

Try this out by clicking on the Character button now. Once it opens, try clicking the button again to close the menu.

The Mini Map at the top right of the screen is a map of your immediate area. You can turn the map on or off by pressing [M].

To handle items in your Inventory, simply left-click on them. Once you click on an item, it will attach to your cursor. If you want to drop the item, simply click on the ground where you want to leave it.
If you find it difficult to pick up an item on the ground, try holding the [ALT] button. This will display the name of any items around you. Simply left-click on the name to pick that item up.

To use an item, right-click on the item and select 'Use'. You can also left-click on the item while holding the [CTRL] button to use it.


The primary way to grow your character is to train your skills and earn EXP. Open the Skills window at the bottom of the screen and click on 'Combat Mastery'.
The list that appears under Training Method or Practice Method shows you how to earn EXP. Training any skill will raise your character's overall EXP. Once you have mastered every skill, you will need to find another way to level up.

You can also earn EXP from completing quests or through hunting. Compared to other activities in the game, hunting will not increase your EXP significantly. To raise your EXP through hunting, you must find strong opponents, complete dungeons, or hunt in a party.

Ability Points (AP)
Click on the 'Character' button and look for the number beneath your experience bars. These are your Ability Points. You need these points to earn a new skill or level up an existing skill. The following are ways to raise your AP:

* Complete an important quest (1 AP)

* Level up your character (1 AP)

* Receive your character's Aging bonus (0-5 AP)

Basic Quests
Press the [Q] button to list all of your current quests. In the beginning, the villagers around you will give you quests. It's a good idea to complete each of those quests.

Quest Scrolls
Most stores sell Quest Scrolls which details specific quests. Some are even free, so try the cheap and easy ones at first. Each Quest Scroll tells you how to earn money, EXP, or items.

To use one, open your Inventory, right-click on the Quest Scroll, and select 'Read'. You can also read the quest's description through the Quest window.

Part-Time Jobs
You can talk to NPCs using the 'Part-Time Jobs' keyword to earn part-time jobs. Compared to other activities, you can make a lot of money through part-time jobs. However, there can be lots of competition for easy jobs, so you should find jobs that aren't as popular, or just get there early.

To hunt, you need weapons or magic. You can also fight with your bare hands if you don't have anything.
You can find out more by talking to Ranald at the School.

When attacking a monster, you can press the [CTRL] button to target them automatically. If you are still a beginner and not completely familiar with hunting, use the Auto Combat button.


Chatting with other players
You can chat with others by pressing the [ENTER] key. Type in what you want to say and then press [ENTER] again to send your message. If you type in a designated emotion, it will change your character's expression. If you press Ctrl-ENTER, your speech balloon will change to a thought balloon.

Chatting with NPCs
When you place your cursor over characters with 'NPC' next to their name, your cursor will change to indicate that you can speak to them. Left-click on the NPC to begin a conversation with them.

When talking with an NPC, you can talk about specific topics. A small notebook, similar to this book you are reading, will appear during your conversations. This notebook records all the keywords you've learned throughout your journey.
New keywords will be categorized automatically in your notebook, so read the book carefully to see where they are.
When you meet a new NPC, try talking to them using various keywords to learn new information.

Talking with others is the most basic way to obtain information. You can learn many things by not only talking with NPCs, but with other players as well.
Just remember to be polite! Your reputation will suffer if you randomly go around asking strangers without trying to learn by yourself first.

You will be able to find most of the information required for the game yourself.

Earning Money

Part-Time Jobs
You can earn around 400 gold from a single part-time job, and even more when you get more experienced. Usually, you'll have to report back by that evening. You don't have to complete the job perfectly to get paid, so make sure you always report back, even if you haven't finished the job.

Selling Items
There are various ways to get items. You can even hit trees and posts to obtain small items. Of course, it is far more useful to sell items that you've obtained by hunting monsters or have created yourself using skills.
In the beginning, it's a good idea to sell eggs, which you can obtain from chickens.

Making Items
You can make your own clothes or armor and sell them as well.
Just remember that you won't be able to get much money selling them at stores. Stores sell for high prices but buy items at a very low price. You may be able to earn much more money by selling them to other players.
Be sure to make and sell items that others players are in need of. The prices for items at the stores only serve as guides, so don't feel bad if they seem expensive compared to your prices.

Quest Rewards
When you complete a Quest Scroll, you will receive the amount of money that was indicated as a reward. Some quests give a lot of gold, whereas some quests offer more EXP. Be sure to check the rewards before you purchase the Quest Scroll. Some quests can also be done in a Party. Also, some quests have time limits, so be careful.

When you hunt animals or monsters, they will often drop items or gold. Sometimes they will drop items called Fomor Scrolls. You can buy quests from NPCs that ask you to collect these scrolls, so don't throw them away.

Final Words
Some books have magic seals on them. Reading these books in detail will increase your skill level or grant EXP, so be sure to read them. I wish you the best of luck...