- The Story of Spiral Hill -

written by Dukubas

If you head south from Dugald Aisle towards Dunbarton, you will see a shallow hill on the east side. This hill has been known as the Spiral Hill for many years. It got its name because you can't climb the hill from just anywhere, but only from a specific point and the road spirals around the hill to the top.

If it was naturally designed that way, it would have been an amazing wonder of nature, but some people jokingly say that Danu, the goddess of Land probably messed with it for fun.
However, there is something strange about this hill. As you walk along the spiral pathway, you will encounter a huge number of wild beasts. Some find this fascinating, while others are fearful of these wild animals.

No one has yet to figure out what lies at the top of the hill. It almost seems as if the animals are protecting something. To whoever that is reading this book: If you're not afraid of wild animals, you might want to find out what lies at the top of Spiral Hill.