- The Temple of Snake -
Temple of Snake

By Arthur C., Explorer

The Snake : Heir of the Gods
Snakes are the kind of animals that continuously shed their skin and renew themselves by growing new skin.
As a creature that can get around just about everywhere, be it land or water, it has become known as a Messenger for the gods.

The Temple of Snake
I was exploring through the forest when I came across a giant engraving of a snake on the forest ground. And by the engraving was a wall that had a picture of a "Wall-climbing Snake" carved on it.
*The wall that is being referred to above is being identified as a wall because it's not exactly a structurally complete building, but rather a worn-down portion of one. Based on the elaborate design and size of the wall, I am estimating that it is an artifact of an ancient temple of Iria.

I, Arthur C., am willing to risk my own honor to declare that further investigations will yield much more information about ancient gods as well as treasures that were dedicated as offerings to the gods.