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Electric Magic for the Advanced: Thunder

- Written by Mochail -

1. Preface

Blessed are those who attempt to understand the order of the world by handling electric magic, since electric magic is a study of splitting and combining the fundamental energy that makes up this world. To scholars who use the power of Mana and discipline to figure out the order of the world, I can assure you that electric magic has limitless potential.

If you are interested in the electric magic, and if you are someone who is training this magic, hear this: the more you use the power of Mana, the more you will come to the point of being able to look into the world in its most perfect state before it was contaminated and tainted. You will come to a point where you will be able to experience the purest form of power and energy of the world. However, it is my wish as I write this that you not seek after electric magic solely because of those reasons.

Although this book deals only with electric magic, which is basically our humble attempt to mimic the power of lightning in nature, if you are wise enough, you will take the lessons learned from this book and apply it continually as you train other magic as well.

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2. The Principle of Thunder Magic

I have already mentioned in the previous book [Basics of Lightning Magic: Lightning Bolt] that you can split Erg, the fundamental energy that makes up the universe, into two polar energies using the power of Mana.

After gathering up the two separated energies using the power of Mana, release the Mana that stands between the two energies. The two forces will travel towards each other in a rapid speed until it has reached equilibrium. This is what's known as the Lighting Bolt magic, something that anyone who studies electric magic should already be aware of.

However, when scholars found out that the Lightning Bolt could only be charged up to 5 times due to the restriction of Mana, they were disappointed. This was because the magic is only temporarily formed by destroying the Mana energy that holds up the two separate forces. In order to separate a larger amount of power, the Lightning Bolt must be used without destroying the Mana energy. If that were to become possible, we would be able to handle a larger amount of power. Although, releasing the Mana energy on your own might become a problem.

Then how could we jump over this obstacle? Though countless attempts from scholars, they were able to find a new way to use the Lightning Bolt and we were able to witness the birth of a new powerful electric magic. A magic that uses the Lightning Bolt to form a crack in the wall of Mana energy and allow massive energy to flow through...

This is what magic scholars call, Thunder magic. If you use this magic during combat, it takes a long time to charge but as you attack the opponent with a Lightning Bolt, you can simultaneously shock them from the impact, leaving them temporarily impaired. And the impact from the Lightning bolt causes damage on the Mana wall that holds up the separated energies, which can cause a rapid energy torrent.

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3. Using the Thunder Magic

Thunder magic stacks up a wall of Mana, where it stores the separated Erg energies on each side. The once the wall is at its full capacity, you use the Lightning Bolt to break the Mana wall.

Although the attributes are the same, you have to charge both magic at the same time, which is impossible to do on your own. In order to use the Thunder magic, you need a Lightning Wand that can effectively control the power of Mana.

First, equip yourself with the Lightning Wand, then press [S] and select the Thunder magic. Once you do so, you will notice lightning bolts appearing around your wand. Don't be surprised by this sudden change of events; you are on the right track. Simultaneously, a large ball of energy will be split and stored in the wall of Mana you have created. This ball of split energy will be poured out on your enemy as you break the Mana wall by firing the Lightning Bolt.

Theoretically, Thunder magic can split infinite amounts of energy using the Mana wall, but since you can only charge up to 5 lightning bolts, which is the agent of Thunder magic, you can use it up to 5 times as well. It's not like it becomes more powerful even if you could charge more than that.

Let's go over one thing before we move on. When you are charging the Thunder magic, you will not be able to move because it takes a great deal of concentration.

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4. Features of Thunder Magic

As your rank goes up, you will be able to charge the Thunder magic much faster and with lesser Mana. Also, whereas Lightning Bolt's Max Damage decreases with each multiple charge, Thunder magic's Max Damage increases with each charge and it also covers more enemies at once. Because of this, Thunder magic is very appealing to many Warriors and Wizards.

Besides this, there is one more unique feature about the Thunder magic. Users discovered that the Lightning Bolt cast through the wand that initiates the Thunder magic also had the power to impair the enemy temporarily. In other words, once enemies are hit with the Lightning Bolt, which is basically the prequel to the Thunder magic, they will not be able to move temporarily, panicking in fear knowing what's coming next.

You can also use this to your advantage by throwing in a few more attacks while your opponent is frozen, inflicting extra damage to your enemy. However, if you completely finish them off before the Thunder magic strikes them, you will be letting them off the hook too easily.

If you form a Party with skilled Warriors and have good teamwork, this magic is essentially invincible.

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5. Conclusion

Thunder is a very powerful magic. It's true that it takes up a lot of Mana compared to other magic, but its amazing power and effects makes up for it. However, if you are only drawn to it by its power and neglect the principle of the universe which the magic is rooted in, you are not understanding and approaching the magic properly.

I know this sounds like an old man nagging, but with great power comes great responsibility. Instead of being attracted to the amazing effects of magic, understanding its true power and attributes, taking a step forward in understanding the principle of the universe and leading people along that road is what I believe is the duty of us magic scholars.

You might be able to earn respect from people by using this magic, but if you are controlled by the attention and forget to seek the principle of the universe, you are only learning magic for destruction and chaos.

Under the blessing of Lymilark, the guardian of Erg, may you always start with reverence for nature and seek wisdom no matter what magic you are training...

To complete the Collection Book
you need the pages that pertain
to the title of the chapter above.