- Soul Stream Potion Research Log Vol. 3 -

Paul Albert

(In the middle of the research log, there is a ripped page that has been attached from a
different book.)

March 15th

It was too early to proceed with the final stages of the experiment, but there's no money left for test animals.
We're too far behind. Just one more chance... I'd sell my soul for just one more chance.

March 20th

When I woke up this morning, Gladin was sprawled on the floor of the lab. I think he tested the potion...on himself.
There's a note laying beside his body. It just says "I will succeed!"
He's so cold... What have we worked so hard for?

April 1st

I can't let it end like this... Luckily, I've found a new sponsor for the experiments. I don't know what others may think, but I must complete our research.
I can't give up on Eve and Gladin. No matter what, I will definitely return our lives back to normal. Mine, Eve's, Arissa's...and Gladin's.

(This is the end of the page that has been attached.)

April 23rd

I can barely bring myself to write this...but it's all been for nothing.
Have I been lying to myself this whole time? The potion is impossible. In the end, our experiments were nothing but an arrogant challenge against the natural order.
I've been a fool...but there's still time. Time to live my life for Eve and Arissa.

(This is the end.)