How was your long travel from Tir Chonaill to Dugald Aisle?
Of the many things you can do in Erinn, working part-time jobs is one of the important keys to survival.

After you complete the quest from Tracy, you can use the reward you receive to work part-time for him.

Getting a part-time job is simple. Just start a conversation with the NPCs and click on 'About Jobs'.

However, there is one important thing you need to know. You need to talk to the NPCs about jobs only during their hiring hours. If you've listened caerfully to Duncan or Nao, you should already know this.

Oh, and not every NPC is hiring part-time workers. Usually, places where they need a lot of help, such as the Church or the Grocery Shop, will need workers.

Unlike quests, once you finish a job, you must go back to the NPC and report that you are done.

The report time varies from job to job and you can only report back during those hours.
You'll just have to learn when the report time is through trial and error.

Part-time jobs have something called 'Closing Time', and you must report within this time or you will not receive your pay.

Some jobs are difficult to finish within the given time, so it's a good idea to have all the necessary tools ready before you start the job.

Wait! There's one important thing you need to know.
If you log out while you're on the job, all your progress will be deleted. So remember to report back first before you log out of the game.

How should you get back to the village after you have finished your job?
You can always go back the way you came. But what if it's far walk? Another way is to use the nearest Moon Gate.

The Moon Gate uses the power of the moon for teleportation. Because it uses the power of the moon, it only opens during night time.

Once the Moon Gate is opened, all the Moon Gates in Erinn will teleport you to the same location.

Also, depending on the day, the drop-off location continues to change.
So you might have to wait a few days in order to teleport to your desired location.

The Moon Gate is very useful when you need to get somewhere far.
Why don't you try using the Moon Gate tonight?