In Erinn, you will receive a variety of requests from the NPCs through different quests. The letter Nao asked you to deliver to Duncan is an example.

Press 'Q' or click on 'Quests', located at the bottom, to open the Quest window.

The image on the previous page is the Quest window.
'Nao's Introduction' is the title of the quest. The number shown on the right indicates the percentage of the quest completed.

You can view the details of the quest when you click on the title of the quest. The details of the quest will appear on the top left as shown below .

Do you see the letter? This gives you all the details about the quest.
On the right, it will tell you what you need to do in order to clear the quest as shown below. It looks like you need to go meet Duncan and deliver the letter.

You're wondering, "Where do I find Duncan?" Simply press 'M', or click on the middle of the 5 buttons on the bottom to open the Map.

The white dot on the map indicates your current location and the red 'QUEST' signs show you where you need to go to complete your quests. You can see the red sign in front of the Chief's house because that's where Duncan is.

Aftering clearing the quest, a yellow sign that says 'Quest Complete' will appear, both in the Quest window as well as in the Quest Info window.

Do you see where it says 'Reward for the Mission'? Once you finish the quest and click on 'Quest Complete', an owl will bring you the reward that is shown.

Try opening the Quest window now. You will see all the different requests from the NPCs. What are you waiting for? Complete those quests and get your reward!

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