Weaving is done by using cobwebs and sheep wool to make thread, and then using that to tailor cloth material.

You can learn this skill from Malcom's Weave quest and it's an easy skill that anyone can try.

You can get thin thread from spider cobwebs and thicker thread from sheep wool.

Spiders and Sheep can be seen around town in designated places, so it's a good idea to remember whey they can be found.

You can make silk from thin thread and thick fabric using the thicker thread.

By using the fabric you weaved, you can use the Tailoring skill to make your own clothes.
To learn this skill, place the Tailoring Kit in your hand.

You also need a sewing pattern before you can make your own clothes. Hold the Tailoring Kit in your right hand, a sewing pattern on the left, and you are ready to tailor clothes.

After you've completed making your clothes, you need to put the finishing touches. Know that the materials you need for the finishing touches are different from the materials that went into making the clothes.

You can add the finishing touches by sewing.

Just like that, you've tailored your own clothes!

You can also dye the finalized product with the color of your choice.

Some clothes in Erinn can only be obtained by tailoring it yourself. If you're interested in fashion and want to be unique, why not give tailoring a try?